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Holydrops Supreme Basmati Rice (Premium Basmati, Longest Grain)

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Holydrops Supreme Basmati Rice is premium quality 1121 Steamed Basmati Rice having the Average Grain Length of 8.40 mm prior cooking. It elongates up to 3 times of its original length (i.e up to 24 mm).

It has been most extensively used variety of Basmati because of its superior quality attributes. Holydrops Supreme Basmati Rice is aged for 2 years and is known for enriched taste and Aroma. Post cooking grains are fluffy, separate and non sticky, allowing the grains to attain their maximum length. All these qualities of Holydrops Supreme Basmati Rice makes it the perfect choice for special occasions. At Holydrops, we have fully equipped ultra modern machinery and technology, every product passes after tough scrutiny in terms of hygiene, control, raw material intake etc. each and every grain passes through the supervision of our trained professionals, which ensures quality of products and satisfaction of valuable customers.

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